Do we have an option to arrange the takeaways in alphabetical order?

Do we have an option to arrange the takeaways in alphabetical order?

Yes, once the takeaways are listed after entering your postcode, click on the drop-down arrow next to SORT BY and choose option A-Z.

This will arrange the takeaways in alphabetical order.

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      You can order food from a specific takeaway which is providing scheduled order/pre-order for delivery or collection from the takeaway. Schedule the pre-order: Login to the Foodhub website or App. Select the takeaways which provide pre-order on the ...
    • My order was cancelled

      The takeaway always tries to fulfil your order. The takeaway may have cancelled your order in some instances such as items being out of stock, the takeaway closed early, or the driver being unable to reach you. On cancellation, you can choose to ...
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      If your order was not delivered, it may be due to the takeaway physically closing their premises for the day and not updating their website. Please drop us an email and we will look into it for you and arrange for a refund (if applicable). An order ...
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      Unfortunately, once an order is placed you don’t have an option to make the changes in the Foodhub website or app. However, you can call the takeaway directly to make changes. You can find the takeaway contact details under View Info in the right top ...
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      To place an order Click on the following link Login to your account and enter your postcode and it will pull up all takeaways that deliver to your location. Select your takeaway and start ordering. Foodhub Website