Become a Partner with Foodhub

Become a Partner with Foodhub

How to become a partner?

Foodhub is a new online food portal for customers to get all their favourite dishes at the click of a button. With a 0% commission model, using the latest technology, and dedicated customer service, Foodhub will help your business grow rapidly.

We provide POS and create websites, apps and menus for takeaways.

How does it work?

  1. A customer orders food items from your takeaway through Foodhub online portal.

  2. Takeaway accepts the order.

  3. The customer can track the order status through Foodhub online portal.

  4. You will deliver the order to the customer by your own driver.

Click on this link and complete the contact form to send us a request -

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      Foodhub reviews can’t be deleted or modified, this is to offer the best experience possible to our users. In extremely rare cases Foodhub may remove the review to be compliant with data protection laws when private information such as a phone number, ...
    • What is a Foodhub Wallet?

      Foodhub Wallet is an e-wallet where you can choose to receive the funds for cancelled online payment orders. The refunds will be credited to the Foodhub wallet instantly. If you select a card for the refund, the process of refund may take 3 to 5 ...
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